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Xiamen Justhigh Import & Export Co.,Ltd traces back to 2010 with Jiaheng Stone Company. Both factories, Monument Company and Jiaheng Stone Company, are located in Hui’an District, Chongwu, the most extensive stone manufacturing base in China, and since their establishment in 1990, have specialized in the manufacture of tombstones, garden stones, integral design, and manufacturing service, as well as the installation of interior and exterior decoration of buildings.Xiamen Justhigh Import & Export Co.,Ltd

About us

The company was one of the first memorial builders in China in the 1990s, with an entire team of architects, engravers, and builders.

The Import-Export company was established in 2010 in Xiamen, whose service sector is the import of stones and building materials and the sales and after-sales service for stone products to offer our customers a range of granites of different colors and designs.

Our memorials are exported to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia, with an export of 150 containers per year.

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jiahengstone CE Cerficate
jiahengstone ISO 9001.2008 Cerficate

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Xiamen Justhigh Import & Export Co.,Ltd represents a significant opportunity for its customers as it can save their precious time and effort. The time required to decide the most appropriate and effective way to obtain a monument can be reduced by the professional guidance of the monument manufacturing company.

The professional monument company takes into account the aspect of cost-effectiveness. They ask their clients their budget and how much they are prepared to spend on their relative’s tombstones. According to the budget, the monument manufacturing company will help the client to make the best decision.

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Xiamen Justhigh Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a company that is very important to other societies and organizations at a time when they mostly require their expertise and experience. It is very important to allocate the necessary time for the manufacture, delivery and placement of a tombstone or monument. A memorial company can reduce the pressure and decrease your overall stress by providing only the best monument for your company or for your loved one’s grave.

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