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After a cremation, the ashes are placed in a funeral urn. As with the choice of coffin, the choice of urn varies according to your finances and your requirements. To choose a funeral urn, the first question you should ask yourself is what will happen to the ashes. Your choice will depend on the future of the ashes. In fact, there are several solutions for preserving the ashes, such as burial, for example, or placement in a columbarium. Scattering the ashes is also possible, although it is subject to regulations in your country.

We can provide you with all the necessary information. Please note that the cost will vary depending on the option chosen.

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The choice of the funeral urn and its material depends on its future location: Burial in the ground, placement in a columbarium: all materials are possible, Immersion at sea: the urn must be biodegradable. Cinerary urns are generally made of ceramic, granite, marble or porcelain. These materials are easily weathered. Other metal urns exist such as aluminium, steel or copper.

Frequently asked questions

A funeral urn is essential for a cremation. The ashes of the deceased are placed in a cremation container, which is then placed in the urn. This allows the ashes to be preserved for the long term or temporarily ,if they are scattered .

The price of a funeral urn depends on several elements such as its material, its strength and its aesthetics. It can also vary depending on the capacity of the container. Since the body loses up to 25 times its weight, the urn must have a minimum capacity of 2.5 litres. However, there are also designs with a capacity of 2.5 to 3 litres which are more suitable for all weights.

Urns cut from stone, such as granite and marble, can give an impression of weight and longevity to the memorial. Families prefer these urns to be sealed directly onto a memorial because of their strength. Sealing them allows you to display them and make it easier for you to pay your respects. Some granite urns are also designed to allow laser engraving of your photos or inscriptions on the outer surface for a personalised and colourful  tribute.

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