Detailed explanation of the stone crystallization construction process

I. Material preparation and introduction

(1) Main materials:

K1, K2, K3 crystal agent

(2) Introduction:

K1 syrup is a stone crystal mirror for darker marble. K2 syrup is a hardening agent for stone surface. The color is pink (the finished product is transparent), which is used for hardening and adding light to the stone surface. A protective film is formed on the surface to form a crystal mirror, which makes the stone as clean as new and suitable for any stone floor. K3 is made of durable natural wax resin, which can form high gloss on the stone surface, and can repair stone scratches, lasting effect, and has anti-slip performance.

(3) Function:

Applied to (marble) mirror surface hard treatment, protect the stone surface from general scratches, keep bright mirror surface, waterproof, anti-corrosion, easier to care than waxing. It is suitable for wet operation, recreating the high-gloss crystal surface in the shortest time, and is used to treat the surface of the stone which is tarnished due to wear and the like.

(4) Characteristics:

1. Will not produce stone surface scratches caused by steel wool

2. Will not make the stone surface discolored or leave yellow rust

3. The stone surface is as bright as water, and it is very layered.

4. Low cost , saving time, labor, and construction period of ten days.

5. It has the effect of preventing stains from penetrating into the inner layer of stone, enhancing anti-wear and anti-scratching effects.

6. Preparation of other materials: neutral detergent, marble glue, clean water


II . the main equipment equipment

(1) Mechanical equipment:

Grinding machine, wiping machine, water absorbing machine, multi-function washing machine, drying machine, red scouring pad, white polishing pad

(2) Main tools:

Bucket, ground drag, small trowel, rag


III. the operating conditions

(1) Ground stone paving

Stone paving conforms to construction specification requirements and design requirements.

(2) Stone surface crystallization treatment to prevent pollution

The stone floor crystallization treatment room is required to be closed to prevent dust and debris from contaminating the ground.

(3) Stone floor crystallization processing equipment, material preparation

The materials, machinery and tools used are well prepared and the mechanical equipment has been commissioned.

(4) Construction experience

Construction workers have good experience in the construction of stone floor crystallization treatment, or have passed the training of this construction process.

(5) Finished product protection

The completed construction work surface of the wall is close to the ground for finished product protection.


IV. construction operation process

(1) Construction procedures:

Finishing of stone floor surface → Stone gap marble glue repair → Overall ground grinding (6-7 times) → Ground drying treatment → Ground crystallization treatment (K2, K3 syrup) → Overall ground maintenance treatment (K1 syrup) → Ground cleaning and maintenance

(2) Finishing the surface of the stone floor:

Before the crystallization treatment of the stone floor, the surface of the paving is completely flat, no color difference, the diagonal of each stone is flush, the ground is cleaned as a whole, cleaned with a dry and clean ground, and there is no sand or impurities on the ground.

(3) Stone gap marble glue repair:

After the overall cleaning is completed, the small spots on each stone are repaired with marble glue. The gap between the stones is repaired with marble glue using a small trowel, embedded flat, and the finished part is patched by small clean rags. Clean, the gypsum powder in the travertine must be cleaned; after the repair of the marble glue, the glue must be dried before it can be used in the next process.

(4) Overall ground grinding:

After the marble glue is dried, the whole ground is polished by a sanding machine, and the whole is horizontally polished. The focus is on the caulking between the stones (the diagonal between the stones) and the edge near the wall, the decorative shape and the shaped shape. At the same place, keep the overall stone floor level, finish the first polishing, re-cast the marble glue caulking, continue the second grinding with the caulking, and then use the platform refurbished machine with the steel stone grinding disc from coarse to fine,  a total of seven grinding and polishing needs to be completed. The final ground is smooth and smooth, and then polished with steel wool, and the polishing degree meets the brightness required by the design. 70 degrees), there is no obvious gap between the stones.

(5) Ground drying treatment:

After the grinding is completed, the water on the ground is treated with a water absorbing machine as a whole, and the whole stone floor is dried by using a blow dryer. If the construction time permits, natural air drying can also be used to keep the stone surface dry.

(6) Ground crystallization treatment:

Sprinkle K2 and K3 syrup on the ground, use a multi-purpose scrubber to rotate, use a washing machine with red scouring pad, sprinkle K2, K3 syrup with the same amount of water on the ground, and use 175 rpm to wipe the load. 45KG begins to grind, and the effect of thermal energy is the surface effect formed by the crystal surface material crystallized on the surface of the stone.

(7) Overall ground maintenance treatment:

If the stone with large voids (sandstone, travertine, etc.) is to be coated with marble protective agent, after 12 hours, the K2, K3 syrup can be alternately grounded on the ground with a scrubber, ie K2-K3-K2- K3-K2 is a total of five times, then replaced with a white polishing pad, sprayed with a small amount of K1 syrup, and re-polishing once to increase the hardness of the crystal surface of the entire ground.


V.Quality standards

(1) Guarantee project

1. The surface of the stone is smooth and smooth, completely bright and bright like a mirror.

2. The surface of the stone crystal is highly resistant to water and meets the hardness requirements of the product.

3. The surface of the stone required to crystallize the ground stone has been cleaned.

(2) Basic items

1. Stone surface finish surface is clean, smooth, solid, bright and smooth, transparent and uniform color, clean crystal surface layer without cracks, unevenness and unevenness

2. The crystallization treatment of the finished stone surface is uniform, especially in the ground edge of buildings and decorations.

3. The materials used in the crystallization treatment of stone surface meet the design requirements, and the materials must have product certification and inspection report.


VI. finished product protection

(1) Stone surface protection:

1. Timely cleaning every day to ensure the surface of the stone is clean. Do not use hard cleaning tools to prevent the surface from being worn.

2. With sharp metal corners, parts handling should not be directly in contact with the ground for sliding handling.

3. The floor should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. measures

(1) Safe construction

1. In the crystallization treatment of stone floors, construction workers must do their own protectio

Stone crystal surface treatment knowledge and precautions

The principle of stone surface treatment is: stone surface treatment machine at a certain speed, a certain weight, through the scouring pad on the crystal surface treatment machine to rub the professional agent to produce a certain heat on the stone surface, and then reach a certain temperature, so that the agent in the stone The surface crystallizes to form a protective layer. Because the core element of stone surface treatment is to form a dense crystalline hard treatment layer through a certain temperature and a certain agent, the machine for stone surface treatment must have the following three key elements.

One: temperature, the appropriate temperature for stone crystallization is about 60 degrees.

Two: When doing crystal face treatment, the machine must reach a certain speed to heat the heat to 60 degrees. The suitable speed is about 220 rpm.

Three: The right weight, most of the crystal surface treatment machines currently on the market, the speed can only reach about 170 rpm, so the friction can only be strengthened by increasing the weight, and it is suitable. temperature. The counterweight is too heavy, which is not conducive to machine operation, and the counterweight is too light to achieve the desired crystallization effect. According to the manufacturer data of the world’s top production crystal surface treatment machine, the machine weight is about 60KG.

Matte surface treatment considerations:

1. After the crystal surface treatment, please rinse the crystal surface machine with water. Because the crystal surface treatment is acidic, it will corrode the machine after a long time.

2, crystal face treatment to achieve better results, how much polishing needs to be done, which will greatly improve the gloss.

3. Regular dust removal every day to keep the stone surface clean.

How to do daily cleaning and maintenance of marble and granite

Marble and granite are two kinds of natural stone of different materials. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is characterized by soft material, easy to wear and easy to penetrate. The main component of granite is silica, which has higher hardness and different materials. The two precautions for cleaning and cleaning are also inconsistent.

First, marble cleaning and maintenance precautions:

1. Marble is not resistant to acid and alkali. Juices such as juice, coffee, tea, cola, etc. with mild acidity and alkalinity can corrode the stone surface. Therefore, once found, it should be wiped clean for the first time and cleaned with water. Neutral detergents should be used as much as possible for daily cleaning.

2. Marble stone is soft, low hardness, not wear-resistant, sand and metal hard objects can scratch the stone surface, and clean the stone surface in time.

3. Because of the material of marble, if the water stays on the stone surface for too long, the stone will absorb some water. If it can’t dry out in time, the stone will appear yellow, white, mildew and other diseases. Once the stone has lesions, it will be treated. It will be difficult, especially for light-colored marble. When cleaning and maintenance, the water consumption should be reduced as much as possible. The water and detergent should be cleaned in time, and the stone should be kept dry.

4. Regular daily routine hardening treatment (1-2 times / month).

5. Regularly do waterproof and oil-proof maintenance (1-2 times/month).

Second, granite cleaning and maintenance precautions:

1. Granite is more resistant to acid and alkali than marble, so use a weak acid cleaner when cleaning.

2. Granite is harder than marble and has good wear resistance.

3. Granite is dense and water-absorbent, making it easy to form water spots at the seams of stone. Moreover, it is not easy to dry and it is difficult to eradicate. Therefore, when cleaning and maintenance, use as little water as possible, even if it is used, it should be quickly sucked dry.

4. Granite has strong oil absorption and tries to prevent oil pollution.

5. Pay attention to slip.

6. Daily crystal hardening treatment (3-6 times/month).

7. Regularly do waterproof and oil-proof maintenance (2-3 times/year).

Doing a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance of marble and granite is a common aspect of stone conservation. The above precautions can help you achieve better results in stone conservation.

How to design a good style tombstone?

When purchasing a gravestone, your monument dealer will show you a catalog with various styles and designs of gravestones. And you also can choose the tombstone from the catalog . or you can choose a personalized design.

Before deciding to buy the headstone, you can also think of a creative and unique design yourself. a custom tombstone design.

Many people usually consider to use rectangular, round, and decorative corners, cluster of flowers with green foliage on the corner. The flowers are carved at the top or center like roses, lilies, tulips, carnations, daisies, etc.


flower carving headstone

The headstone designs also can represent specific hobbies and interests of the deceased . For example, you may use a guitar design on the headstone for a loved one who liked playing music. Other design like praying hands, angels, open book, bible, cross, doves, religious emblems,tear drop, teddy bear, angelic figure, etc.. These symbols are meaningful and traditional.

grey color angel heart headstone

bear statue headstone

cross headstone prices

In addition, you can choose many kinds of granite material color for a monument like black, blue, green, grey, multicolor and so on. Plus,you can also select a nice inscription or epitaph to be engraved on the monument.Sand-blasting is the most popular technique used for this purpose.

Custom tombstone

Customized tombstones are a consumer demand, and buying the right tombstones is a goal for consumers or buyers. In goal management, there is a criterion called smart principle, which refers to specific tasks, measurable, achievable, practical, and periodic timeliness. From these five points, it will not be difficult to make a set of tombstones. Now, there are often some individual consumers in the order of tombstones, there is no clear demand, this can be, that is also OK, but in the end the design is not good, waste both sides of the time, but also prone to misunderstanding. Therefore, when communicating with tombstone manufacturers, it is very necessary to clarify their needs clearly.



Customized tombstones of Hui’an must first know clearly what they want. Where is this set of tombstones used? Burial monument, burial headstone lawn monument, art funeraire, etc.If the buyer doesn’t know anything about it, the manufacturer can’t do anything to satisfy the customer, so it’s necessary to do some homework in advance. In fact, many consumers or purchasers do the same thing. They have a general idea of what they want, but only how to convey it to the manufacturer accurately.

cremation headstone prices uk

Custom gravestone need know the size of the tombstone. Some guests know what they want to do tombstone, but do not know the exact specifications they want, so often need to go to the cemetery measurement, know the size of the grave, manufacturers can give a certain reference suggestions and the type of the tombstone.

Customizing a tombstone can’t imagine what you want, and sometimes you have to consider the possibility of doing it. Some customers want to engrave hundreds of thousands of words on a set of uneven tablets, and no matter whether the manufacturer can engrave them or not, nobody can read them clearly. All unrealistic needs, manufacturers can not meet, so customized tombstones can communicate effectively with manufacturers to ensure that they can produce their own satisfactory tombstones.

Finally, consumers should be aware of the use of their tombstones, so as to communicate with manufacturers delivery date. Consumers who need tombstones should book in advance according to their use dates.

Monument Packing

Gravestone symbols

•What can you learn from a tombstone?

•Early tombstones were often flat, either upright on a block or in ground, plain rectangles for with a rounded top.

•There might be a date of birth and/or the age at the time of death. There might be further information about relationships within the family.


Hands are another frequently seen symbols that can have different meanings depending on their position. Two hands in prayer symbolize devotion. One hand may symbolize the hand of God.

One hand with one finger pointing up symbolizing the reward of the righteous or confirmation of life after death is seen quite frequently.

Clasped hands are another popular symbol. If the cuffs match it is a handshake of farewell to earthly existence . If the cuffs are male and female it indicates hands clasped in death as in life or eternal devotion.


Angels symbolize rebirth or a messenger of God, a guardian. They may be flying, young or sorrowful looking. They are seen on children’s and adult’s graves including very old stones and modern ones.




The cross symbolizes salvation. The Christian cross has one cross bar while the Eastern Orthodox has three, two straight and one at an angle. Celtic crosses have multiple carvings. Crosses may be combined with other symbols as is the one in our cemetery.

Celtic crosses headstone


Usually an open Bible, is a symbol of wisdom and also can be book shape headstone or book shape Memorial Plaque



Trees and Plants

•Flowers symbolize the brevity of life and sorrow. Certain flowers symbolize emotions. Lilies are a symbol of resurrection or purity. Roses indicate condolence or sorrow. Poppies are symbolic of sleep and therefore death.

•An ivy vine symbolizes abiding memory and friendship.

•The laurel branch symbolizes victory or glory.

Tree trunks with their cut-off limbs symbolize being cut off in the prime of life. There are very realistic stones with added carved symbols.




•The lamb symbolizes innocence, meekness and sacrifice and is used on children’s tombstones.

•Birds symbolize the soul. A flying bird symbolizes the flight of the soul back to God.

•Some people include a statue or carving of a favorite pet or some other animal they care about.