Zeng Conglin, a native of Chongwu, Huian, is a famous stone carver and traditional folk artist. He was brought up with the long-standing art of stone carving, and carving was a compulsory subject during his teenage years. I have been involved in designing and constructing many famous religious and tourist shrines in China. I have considerable experience in the planning and construction of mausoleums in China. As a local stone carving craft celebrity, I require every product produced by the enterprise to be perfect and extreme; only in this way can the soul of Huian stone carving be retained and the folk art value of Huian handmade stone carving be reflected to be worthy of a permanent handicraft heritage.

Since 1999, he has been engaged in research, development, and quality management of stone products in Fujian Jiaheng Stone Co., Ltd

In 2004, he became the factory manager of the tombstone factory of Fujian Jiaheng Stone Co., Ltd

In 2009, he took up the position of General Manager of Fujian Jiaheng Stone Co., Ltd

In November 2010, he founded Xiamen Justhigh Import & Export Co., Ltd, engaged in international stone waste procurement and export of various stone products. Quality and Service

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Each memorial exported from justhigh is carefully handcrafted to reflect the uniqueness of the individual or family it commemorates. With the technology now available, we have the opportunity to tell life stories through custom shapes and sizes, stone colours and patterns, portraits and detailed laser etching. Having been invited by the organisers of several funeral exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany, Paris and Lyon, France, we have a deep knowledge of foreign headstones and offer the best quality and value for money from the design to the completion of the installation of the monument, as we have 30 years of expertise you can be confident in contacting us.

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