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Are you looking for high-quality memorial lanterns from China? We are the best manufacturer & supplier from China, offering beautiful, long-lasting memorial lanterns with worldwide shipping.

We have the vision of supplying high-quality stone products. Taking advantage of the advanced processing equipment and comprehensive quality control systems, Jiaheng Stone Factory is specialized in supplying high-quality Stone monuments, sculptures, garden decorations, slabs, tiles, building stones, etc, at very competitive prices for more than 30 years.

Memorial Lanterns

Memorial Lanterns usually have glass and candles inside. The modeling can be produced according to the customer’s preferences and the size that the customer’s want’s. Then memorial lanterns, as shown in the picture.

Memorial Lanterns

Memorial Lanterns designs

The corresponding materials of memorial lanterns shall be selected according to the tombstone to be matched, and then the shapes of memorial lanterns shall be selected according to customers’ preferences. As shown in the figure below, for example, if the customer chooses the lantern’s shape, we will draw the corresponding drawings and the size required by the customer. Then we can directly produce it in the production workshop.

Memorial Lanterns designs2
Memorial Lanterns designs3

Frequently asked questions

Memorial lanterns are the objects we use to match the tombstones. Usually we use the same granite and we put candles in the memorial lanterns. In Asia, people think that lighting candles will illuminate the way of the dead, which has a good moral. usually during a moment of silence or remembrance for the person who passed away. And we can also decorate the tombstone with lanterns of different styles.

Commonly the materials used for a memorial lantern are relatively few, so the price mainly depends on the complexity of column processing. For example, some of them have sculptures or require workers to spend a lot of time to make them. Then the price must be much higher than that of simple and non specially processed models. Usually our lantern prices range from $70 to $500 or even more expensive. For example, the prices of the two lanterns below are different, Because their processing is different.

Usually, we can choose a nearby gravestone production factory for wholesale gravestones, Or simply go to the shop selling tombstones near you. They selling memorial lanterns. You can also choose to import from abroad. China is now one of the most important production of tombstones and related products and export countries. The tombstones are exported to various countries in the world, such as the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, etc. In short, choose the most convenient way. Because the weight of the memorial lanterns is not very heavy, you can choose air transportation, and the freight of memorial plaque will not be very expensive and you can customize your own memorial lanterns according to your own preferences and size.

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