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Best sculpture manufacturer&supplierfrom China

Discover the finest sculptures from China’s leading manufacturer and supplier. Our team of experienced artisans creates unique, high-quality sculptures that will enhance any space.

We have the vision of supplying high-quality stone products. Taking advantage of the advanced processing equipment and comprehensive quality control systems, Jiaheng Stone Factory has specialized in supplying high-quality Stone monuments, sculptures, garden decorations, slabs, tiles, and building stones,s, etc. at a very competitive price for more than 20 years.

Sculpture designs

Frequently asked questions

A sculpture produced by cutting directly into a hard material  such as marble granite and representing either a three-dimensional figure ( a statue, a chest, etc.) or an element in relief incorporated into the surface of a plane

The price range of a custom sculpture starts at $1,000 and can go as high as $100,000 And yes! As you can see, all this requires real expertise and genuine investigation.

The cost of a personalised sculpture generally varies according to 4 factors:

The scale and dimensions of the sculpture

The sculptor’s experience and work

Material cost of the sculpture

Details and complexity of the request

To start designing art sculptures in the best possible way, you need to look at how these works are made by sculptors. Sculpting requires mastering all the steps involved in creating a sculpture. These stages vary considerably depending on the type of material used: e.g. bronze, marble, granite etc.

With a wide choice, quality and fair prices for all, justhighstone based in china is the leading online sculpture provider. All our sculpture products are manufactured with the greatest respect for the environment while using high quality materials of controlled origin. For a serene burial or scattering, choose justhighstone sculpture.

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