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Xiamen Justhigh Import&Export Co., Ltd is a stone processing and production factory specializing in manufacturing memorial monuments, tombstones, vases, plaques, urns, statuesand other funeral stone products. Our wholesale services primarily cater to dealers, cemeteries, and funeral homes. Our memorials are exported to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia, with an annual export volume of 150 containers.

“We are a memorial manufacturer located in Huian, Fujian, China. Huian is renowned as the ‘City of Stone Sculpture,’ and its stone carving craftsmanship enjoys global recognition.”

Exhibition Show
Exhibition Show
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Factory Monument Products
Professional Tombstone Manufacturing Factory in China Our headstone factory was established in 1990. With over 30 years of experience in stone production. our Chairman, Tony, is an authentic stone carving artist. Not only does he understand drawing hand sketches, but he also possesses considerable expertise in sculpture. We have an excellent team, including sales personnel with over 10 years of experience in memorial funeral products, CAD drafters with 10 years of experience, and QC personnel with over 20 years of experience to ensure the quality of our memorial tombstones. Additionally, we have highly skilled technicians specializing in memorial tombstone processing, including stone cutting workers, tombstone carving workers, engraving specialists proficient in various techniques such as shadow carving and line carving, as well as workers skilled in polishing and honed finishing. Their technical prowess is remarkable, and our collaborations with Dealers, Cemeteries, and Funeral Homes have garnered high satisfaction.”
Headstone Monument Cad Design

Headstone Monument Cad Design

A wholesale tombstone factory with price advantages

We offer various colors of low-cost and high-end granite tombstones at discounted prices to cemetery management companies, funeral homes, and other monument dealers. We have over 100+ granite materials sourced primarily from China (ShanXi Black, G603, G654, G664, etc.), India (India Black, Bahama Blue, Himalaya Blue, India Red, Multicolor Red, etc.), South Africa (South Africa Black, Olive Green, etc.), among others. We can send you samples free of charge, but you will need to cover the shipping fees (we usually supply the stone sample size in 6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ (15 x 15 x 1 cm) or 8″ x 8″ x 3/8″). You can access our granite material catalog.

hot granite meterial granite colors for headstone

Your primary blank headstone manufacturer and wholesaler

We specialize in wholesale blank headstones, which are commonly used by cemetery management companies, funeral homes, and other monument dealers for customization. Blank tombstones allow for customization upon receipt, and their manufacturing process is relatively short, typically completed within around 12 days for a container of blank tombstones.

Concerned about meeting local tombstone design specifications? No worries! We offer a wide variety of blank tombstone styles in our headstone wholesale catalog, including European, American, and Asian styles. You can select the desired blank tombstone style directly from our tombstone catalog or send us your sketches or drawings to our email at 6699@jiahengstone.com. Our sales and design team will communicate with you to create the blank tombstone style and dimensions that meet your requirements.

Browse Some Of Our Common Styles Of Blank Headstones Wholesale

Customizable Tombstone Manufacturing Wholesale Options

As a leading tombstone manufacturing wholesaler, we are dedicated to providing customizable options that set us apart in the industry. We understand that each individual is unique, and their memorials should reflect that uniqueness. Within our factory, we offer a wide array of customization features, allowing our customers to create personalized tributes that reflect the essence of their loved ones. From selecting the type of stone (whether it’s enduring granite or classic marble) to choosing the shape, size, and color, our customers have the freedom to customize various aspects of the tombstone according to their preferences.

Our tombstone factory, with skilled craftsmen and advanced machinery, ensures precision and quality in personalized engravings, profound epitaphs, and meaningful symbols. You can explore some common handcrafted tombstone carving shapes such as angel carvings, Jesus carvings, Virgin Mary carvings, rose carvings, lily carvings, tree trunk-shaped carvings, dove carvings, among others. In addition to handcrafted carvings, we utilize more precise printing machinery to provide accurate solutions for printing texts and more intricate patterns.

Browse Some Of Our Monument Engraving Catalog

1.   Customer submits requirements:

The customer sends us images, drawings, and confirms materials and dimensions needed for the tombstone.

2.   Design and quoting:

Our designers use CAD to create drawings and send them along with pricing details to the customer.

3.   Confirmation and 30% payment:

After the customer confirms the drawings and prices, they proceed to pay a 30% advance payment for the order.

4.   Production after receiving advance payment:

Once the advance payment is received, our factory begins the production of the monument. Blank tombstones have a faster production time, typically around two weeks, while customized tombstones take longer.

5.   Confirmation during production:

Throughout the production process and before packaging, we communicate with the customer to confirm details.

6.   Packaging, container booking, and scheduling shipment:

We package the products, book containers, and schedule the shipping.

7.   Commence sea freight and 70% payment:

The shipment begins, and the customer pays the remaining 70% of the payment. We send the customer the bill of lading via courier.

8.   Arrival at destination port:

The goods arrive at the destination port, and the customer handles customs clearance.

9.   Customer feedback and after-sales service:

After receiving the products, the customer provides feedback, and we offer after-sales service as needed.

Our memorial monuments are packaged in standard wooden crates
for sea transportation, consisting of a 3cm standard wooden outer crate with an
inner layer of plastic or foam. Dealers, cemeteries, funeral homes, and other
wholesale monument buyers often have varying packaging requirements. Our
monument factory can accommodate these requests, such as individual packaging,
mixed packaging, or limitations on the weight of individual monument crates. We
include a product list on the crates to facilitate inspection upon receipt by
our customers.

Shipping Time Information for Wholesale Tombstones:

From China to West European main ports: approximately 27 days

From China to the western coast of America: about 18 days

From China to the eastern coast of America: around 30 days

From China to Sydney, Australia: approximately 13 days

For other destinations, please contact us for exact shipping

Shanxi black granite tombstone packing


Special Offer

First Container:vase 3 piece,lantern 3 pieces for free

10 container/year:free Monuments valued $1000

24 container/year:free Monuments valued $2500

36 container or more/year:free Monuments valued $5000

Contact Us to Talk About Your Options for Monument

Email: 6699@jiahengstone.com

Phone: 0086-592-5565566

Fax: 0086-592-5565577

Address:Address: 1802, No.258 Dongdu Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China.Post Code:   361000

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