Wholesale black granite seacoast style memorial plaque for sale

Material: Granite

Size: 70×3×45cm

Item NO : JHP014



1.Product Name: Memorial plaque prices

2.Size: 70×3×45cm

3.Material: Shanxi Black, Blue Pearl,Indian Red, Paradiso, Auroru, G664, etc.

4.Finishing: high polished faces

5.MOQ 10 Set

6.Payment Terms T/T, L/C

7.Delivery Time
Within 20-45 days after receipt of your L/C or TT according to your quantity.

8.Service CAD Drawing, professional sales team, quality control, own factory.

Engraved granite memorial plaques are a popular choice for memorializing loved ones. These plaques are made of durable granite, which can withstand the elements and last for years to come. They can be customized with a variety of designs, including images, text, and symbols, to create a unique and meaningful tribute. Memorial plaque designs can range from simple and classic to intricate and detailed, depending on the preferences of the individual or family.

Memorial plaques for gardens are a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed away. These plaques can be placed in a garden or other outdoor space, creating a peaceful and tranquil spot for reflection and remembrance. A memorial plaque granite is a particularly popular choice for garden memorials, as it is sturdy and long-lasting. In Ireland, memorial plaque designs often incorporate traditional Celtic symbols and imagery, adding a touch of cultural significance to the tribute. Whether simple or elaborate, a memorial plaque can provide comfort and solace to those left behind.

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