Wholesale Red Granite Upright Tombstone

Material: Ruby Red
Color : Grey
Types : Headstone、Gravestone
Size: Standard or custom
Material Origin : China, India
Country : USA, UK, Australia



A red granite headstone is a popular choice for many people looking to buy an upright granite headstone. An upright headstone monument is a timeless way to honor and remember a loved one, and the durability and strength of granite make it an excellent material for this purpose. Upright headstone sizes can vary depending on the cemetery’s regulations and the family’s preferences, but they generally range from 42 inches to 60 inches in height. The upright gravestone cost can also vary depending on the size, design, and engraving options chosen. However, a standard upright granite headstone typically costs around $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the location and the cemetery’s fees.

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