The manufacturing of a headstone

What is the process of making gravestones?

The Process of Making Gravestones: Honoring Lives with Lasting Memorials Gravestones, also known as headstones or tombstones, serve as enduring memorials to commemorate the lives of our departed loved ones. These solemn markers provide a sense of closure, remembrance, and respect for those who have passed away. But have you ever wondered about the process […]

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Tips for managing the delivery of your funeral monuments in China at this covid time and the container shortage which is driving up the cost of transport

Some useful articles on the production and manufacture of tombstones What is the cost of a granite headstone? How much are granite headstones? How much is a small gravestone? How much is the cheapest headstone? China has become the EU’s biggest trading partner. But the country is currently experiencing a shortage of containers, causing delays in […]

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