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Customized tombstones are a consumer demand, and buying the right tombstones is a goal for consumers or buyers. In goal management, there is a criterion called smart principle, which refers to specific tasks, measurable, achievable, practical, and periodic timeliness. From these five points, it will not be difficult to make a set of tombstones. Now, there are often some individual consumers in the order of tombstones, there is no clear demand, this can be, that is also OK, but in the end the design is not good, waste both sides of the time, but also prone to misunderstanding. Therefore, when communicating with tombstone manufacturers, it is very necessary to clarify their needs clearly.



Customized tombstones of Hui’an must first know clearly what they want. Where is this set of tombstones used? Burial monument, burial headstone lawn monument, art funeraire, etc.If the buyer doesn’t know anything about it, the manufacturer can’t do anything to satisfy the customer, so it’s necessary to do some homework in advance. In fact, many consumers or purchasers do the same thing. They have a general idea of what they want, but only how to convey it to the manufacturer accurately.

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Custom gravestone need know the size of the tombstone. Some guests know what they want to do tombstone, but do not know the exact specifications they want, so often need to go to the cemetery measurement, know the size of the grave, manufacturers can give a certain reference suggestions and the type of the tombstone.

Customizing a tombstone can’t imagine what you want, and sometimes you have to consider the possibility of doing it. Some customers want to engrave hundreds of thousands of words on a set of uneven tablets, and no matter whether the manufacturer can engrave them or not, nobody can read them clearly. All unrealistic needs, manufacturers can not meet, so customized tombstones can communicate effectively with manufacturers to ensure that they can produce their own satisfactory tombstones.

Finally, consumers should be aware of the use of their tombstones, so as to communicate with manufacturers delivery date. Consumers who need tombstones should book in advance according to their use dates.

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