How do you keep a headstone in great condition and which headstones require the least amount of cleaning and maintenance?

We have talked about the most effective ways to clean headstones to keep them in the best possible condition, but there are other things that can cause staining. Organic matter such as leaves, petals, pollen from flowers and grass clippings should be removed from the headstone as soon as possible, as their colour can be absorbed by the stone. Keep an eye out for anything that may rust on or near the headstone, such as containers and florist wire, as these items can also stain the headstone.
Polished granite headstones are the easiest to clean and maintain as their glossy finish makes them easy to wipe clean. They can be cleaned with a damp lint-free cloth. Care should be taken with the letters, however, as excessive cleaning can cause the paint/gold to disappear.
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