religious quotes for headstones

Eternal Serenity: Religious Quotes for Headstones

Religious headstones monuments stand as timeless memorials, reflecting the cherished beliefs and values of departed loved ones. Embracing the beauty of religious headstone designs, families find comfort in creating serene resting places for their beloved. This article explores the significance of religious tombstone quotes, headstone sayings, and symbols, while embracing the enduring appeal of granite […]

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A Sampling of tombstone Symbols part 3

Lily Represents purity. On a gravemarker this purity can reflect the transition of the earthly to the spiritual. May also be a symbol of chastity. Lyre A bridge between heaven and earth. My also reflect musical abilities. Pine Cone Immortality from the evergreen tree. Incorruptability from the sap. Oak A sacred tree for many cultures, […]

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A Sampling of tombstone Symbols part 2

Cross Headstone Emblem of faith for Christians. Means resurrection for some. There are many different types of crosses with many different meanings. Buds Renewal of life. With broken branch often used for children as life cut short. Chain with Missing Link Removed by death. Indicates the family circle has been broken. Dove The soul, purity, […]

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