A Sampling of tombstone Symbols part 2

Cross Headstone
Emblem of faith for Christians. Means resurrection for some. There are many different types of crosses with many different meanings.

cross tombstone

Renewal of life. With broken branch often used for children as life cut short.

Chain with Missing Link
Removed by death. Indicates the family circle has been broken.

The soul, purity, peace. In Christian symbolism it typically represents the Holy Ghost. With an olive branch it refers to the dove Noah sent out to find land.

Gate of Heaven
Passageway to heaven;usually gates are open.There are many different variations, usually with many symbolic motifs such as: the sun, hand of God, dove and olive branch, diving dove, and others.

Hands Carvung Headstone
Hands are common marker motifs, and can be found in various positions:Clasped – Farewell or bond of marriage Praying – Asking God for eternal life Pointing Up – Pathway to heaven Pointing Down – The hand of God, or represents the presence of God

Hand carving granite headstone

Innocence. A common symbol on children’s gravemarkers.

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