Planting of flowers. trees and shrubs: Prior to planting flowers, trees or shrubs in the cemetery, written permission must be obtained from the director of parks and recreation or the cemetery sexton. The City has the right to deny any request for planting flowers, trees and shrubs.

Removal of flowers, trees and shrubs: No person other than cemetery staff may remove or prune trees or shrubs Wlthin the cemetery groun├│s, or remove or damage any other type of foliage on the cemetery grounds, whether the foliage is wild or cultivate.

Ornamentation: Planter boxers, toys, flags, pinwheels, balloon, shells, solar lights and/or decorations which are placed on or around graves or lots that are deemed by the City cemetery management to be hazardous or to create a maintenance problem will be subject to removal by City staff.

Glass Prohibited: Glass of any klnd is not allowed in the cemetery, including vases, ceramic statutes, terracotta pots, and decorations.

Planting Vegetation: Planting of any vegetation in the cemetery without permission from the cemetery sexton and city arborist is prohibited. Flowerbeds are not allowed in any part of the cemetery, except for those designated by the City for the benefit of the entire community. Objects used in planting, including but not limited to water cans, flower holders and garden utensils, are the responsibility of the owner to remove from the cemetery and may not be left on the cemetery grounds. ,

Hanging Objects: Hanging objects from trees in the cemetery is not allowed.

Fences and Edging: No fence, railing, topping, brick edging or hedge shall be placed beslde or around any burial space. except for sections designated by the City and sold as a family section. The fencing and edging for designated family sections must have prior approval of the park and recreation director before installation.

Architectural Structures: No vases, seats, benches rock works or other architectural structures may be installed in the cemetery without the written permission of the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Cremation Lots: Approved vases only will be allowed in the cremations section of the cemetery. Vases must be of the type that can be returned to a flush position for mowing. Fresh and artificial flowers will be allowed only if they are in approved vases and must be removed when the flowers become wilted or become unsightly as determined by the cemetery sexton.

Shepherd Hooks and wrouqht iron arbors: Shepherd hooks must be mounted within the concrete collar of the marker and the curve of the hook must curve in and hang over the marker. Wrought iron arbors must be contained within the monument collar. No shepherd hooks or wrought iron arbors are allowed on cremation lots.

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