TIPS 6: The process of making granite funerary monuments at justhigh Import Export

Have you ever wondered how a monument is made from its raw materials to become a personalized and everlasting commemoration of a loved one?

The first step in this long, dangerous and expensive process is to extract the granite from the ground, or from the quarry, as the excavation site is called. These quarries are often several hundred meters deep. These huge slabs or blocks of granite are then extracted from the quarry and sent to monument manufacturing plants where they are cut using precision machines and diamond blades. The next step is smoothing or polishing the stone. This process involves polishing and sanding the stone using large machines and water. It takes many steps before it displays the brilliant shine that is seen on many memorials, and an unpolished stone (made of steel) must also go through this process in order to make it smoother, but it won’t go through so many grinding and polishing steps. The stones are then cut into the appropriate shape. Then, we add the drawings and engravings on the stones according to customer wishes. This huge and heavy product still needs to be washed, crated, transported in a container and delivered to the address of the ordering company.

As granite sometimes weighs hundreds or even thousands of kilograms, it must be handled with the help of cranes and forklifts. Even though it is heavy, it is also delicate and should be handled with care. once the company receives its order for the monuments they are now ready to be installed, but before it can be done, a foundation must be dug and built several days in advance so that the cement is solid to prevent it does not sink in and tip over.

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