What is the tomb made of?

A simple model composes the sole the base the tomb the base and the stele

The sole is the horizontal part which forms the base of the monument. This part of the funeral monument can be made up of several elements or a monolith. The installation of a sole is compulsory when the funeral monument is in Parisian cemeteries. It can be cement or granite when it is a perpetual concession.

The base or concrete block is normally made up of 4 elements. Note that this part of the funeral monument can be in a single block. The base of the funeral monument varies between 15 to 20 cm. The price varies according to the height of the base. It is possible to insert a planter or a step in the base according to taste.

The tomb represents the horizontal element that covers all or part of funerary monuments. The shapes and dimensions of this part of the burial may vary. The sloped flat top model is considered the trending item by bereaved families. You can also select funerary monuments equipped with thicker, flat-top tombstones.

The stele is the vertical plinth specially designed to receive the epitaph or ornament. This element which makes up the funeral monument can take several forms according to the preferences of the customers. Bereaved families prefer classic monument shapes whose design lasts longer than that of modern and original models which is ephemeral.

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