Why are headstones so expensive?

In addition to materials and dimensions, a set of tombstones also requires many processes, not only the machine’s work, many parts need to be processed manually.

The choice of the material above all, granite has very much design and color to offer a choice; when you choose the material is likely to be more memorable and precious, that price can be promoted certainly go up.

After selecting the material, go-to design the style and size you want. There will be much drawing confirmation in the middle. Once the materials and drawings are confirmed, production is approved and then processed in the workshop. The factory needs to prepare materials, arrange personnel to operate the machine for rough machining, and manual work for the details, such as special modeling and various carving, etc. Some pieces, which cannot be made by machines, have to be made by hand, and some special sculptures have to be cut in a jig; this process requires much human support.

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