How to do daily cleaning and maintenance of marble and granite

Marble and granite are two kinds of natural stone of different materials. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is characterized by soft material, easy to wear and easy to penetrate. The main component of granite is silica, which has higher hardness and different materials. The two precautions for cleaning and cleaning are also inconsistent.

First, marble cleaning and maintenance precautions:

1. Marble is not resistant to acid and alkali. Juices such as juice, coffee, tea, cola, etc. with mild acidity and alkalinity can corrode the stone surface. Therefore, once found, it should be wiped clean for the first time and cleaned with water. Neutral detergents should be used as much as possible for daily cleaning.

2. Marble stone is soft, low hardness, not wear-resistant, sand and metal hard objects can scratch the stone surface, and clean the stone surface in time.

3. Because of the material of marble, if the water stays on the stone surface for too long, the stone will absorb some water. If it can’t dry out in time, the stone will appear yellow, white, mildew and other diseases. Once the stone has lesions, it will be treated. It will be difficult, especially for light-colored marble. When cleaning and maintenance, the water consumption should be reduced as much as possible. The water and detergent should be cleaned in time, and the stone should be kept dry.

4. Regular daily routine hardening treatment (1-2 times / month).

5. Regularly do waterproof and oil-proof maintenance (1-2 times/month).

Second, granite cleaning and maintenance precautions:

1. Granite is more resistant to acid and alkali than marble, so use a weak acid cleaner when cleaning.

2. Granite is harder than marble and has good wear resistance.

3. Granite is dense and water-absorbent, making it easy to form water spots at the seams of stone. Moreover, it is not easy to dry and it is difficult to eradicate. Therefore, when cleaning and maintenance, use as little water as possible, even if it is used, it should be quickly sucked dry.

4. Granite has strong oil absorption and tries to prevent oil pollution.

5. Pay attention to slip.

6. Daily crystal hardening treatment (3-6 times/month).

7. Regularly do waterproof and oil-proof maintenance (2-3 times/year).

Doing a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance of marble and granite is a common aspect of stone conservation. The above precautions can help you achieve better results in stone conservation.

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