Stone crystal surface treatment knowledge and precautions

The principle of stone surface treatment is: stone surface treatment machine at a certain speed, a certain weight, through the scouring pad on the crystal surface treatment machine to rub the professional agent to produce a certain heat on the stone surface, and then reach a certain temperature, so that the agent in the stone The surface crystallizes to form a protective layer. Because the core element of stone surface treatment is to form a dense crystalline hard treatment layer through a certain temperature and a certain agent, the machine for stone surface treatment must have the following three key elements.

One: temperature, the appropriate temperature for stone crystallization is about 60 degrees.

Two: When doing crystal face treatment, the machine must reach a certain speed to heat the heat to 60 degrees. The suitable speed is about 220 rpm.

Three: The right weight, most of the crystal surface treatment machines currently on the market, the speed can only reach about 170 rpm, so the friction can only be strengthened by increasing the weight, and it is suitable. temperature. The counterweight is too heavy, which is not conducive to machine operation, and the counterweight is too light to achieve the desired crystallization effect. According to the manufacturer data of the world’s top production crystal surface treatment machine, the machine weight is about 60KG.

Matte surface treatment considerations:

1. After the crystal surface treatment, please rinse the crystal surface machine with water. Because the crystal surface treatment is acidic, it will corrode the machine after a long time.

2, crystal face treatment to achieve better results, how much polishing needs to be done, which will greatly improve the gloss.

3. Regular dust removal every day to keep the stone surface clean.

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