What ornament and engraving on a stele?

The headstone stele is the vertical plinth specially designed to receive the epitaph and / or ornament. This element that makes up the funeral monument can take several forms according to the needs of the clients. Bereaved families prefer classic shapes whose design lasts longer than that of modern and original models which is ephemeral.

This element also makes it possible to display the religion of the deceased: cross for Catholics, Star of David for Jews, star and crescent for Muslims etc. Note that the stele on Muslim tombs must have a rounded end that represents the roof of Mecca.

The funeral stele is fully customizable according to the wishes of the family and the personality of the deceased. For example, it is possible to build a stele in the shape of a guitar for a musician or a music fan. Just make sure to validate the desired registration and the form with the town hall of the municipality in which the cemetery is located. Or inquire at the funeral directors.

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