What happens if a headstone is engraved wrong

What happens if a headstone is engraved wrong?

The process of selecting and purchasing a headstone is an emotional and significant decision for families. Custom granite headstones are often chosen to memorialize loved ones due to their durability, elegance, and timeless beauty. However, what happens if a headstone is engraved wrong? This article delves into the consequences of such errors and provides guidance […]

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TIPS 16 Methods of engraving on granite.

Throughout history, the art of stonecutting has served a variety of purposes, ranging from storytelling and paying homage to significant times and people throughout history, to commemorating the lives of loved ones and those who came before us. Over the years, many different types of stone have been used for carving and the creation of […]

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TIPS: 4 The impact of covid-19 on the increase in granite prices

Some useful articles on the production and manufacture of tombstones The covid-19 crisis has generated a significant increase in trade at the international level and in particular at the level of granite blocks. This began during containment in March 2020. The massive return of buyers from the main importing countries such as China, Japan, the Middle […]

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