TIPS: 4 The impact of covid-19 on the increase in granite prices

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The covid-19 crisis has generated a significant increase in trade at the international level and in particular at the level of granite blocks. This began during containment in March 2020. The massive return of buyers from the main importing countries such as China, Japan, the Middle East and the EU leads to an increase in prices constituted by the price of blocks of Himalaya Blue granites, Himalaya Gandhi. is also considerably lacking among major importers due to covid-19.

Since the crisis, there has been a fourfold increase in the price of containers between China and Europe. Previously, the price of 40-foot containers was around $ 2,200. Now that price is $ 10,000. This consequence has a direct impact on the price of certain products sold in Europe, such as professional kitchen equipment. For example, a pro dishwasher set at a price of € 1,000 could now cost more than 4 times its price because of the coronavirus crisis.

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such as Himalayan granite: Himalaya Blue, Himalaya Gandhi. These appellations have different shades of the Himalayas SRE
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