Tip 13: How to make a white marble sculpture

The first thing is to mold the shape or silhouette he has chosen. This material is ideal because it allows you to reproduce all the details that you think are necessary in the final sculpture.The marble is then cut to give it suitable proportions so that the sculptor can work it easily.
The remaining block of marble is placed in the studio, next to the clay or plaster version of the sculpture you want to make. Why ? It is very simple ! To take the proportions and measurements of the plaster version and gradually transfer them to the block of marble. Thus, you will define the main mass and the limits of the shape to be sculpted.

mable Sculpture

mable Sculpture


The fourth step is to roughen the block that is going to be carved, removing large parts of the block that is going to be molded to give it a rough shape and size. During this step, the marks which were made previously, thanks to which the shape was delimited, make it possible not to remove too much material.Once the general shape of our sculpture is achieved, we can begin to create details and perfect our work of art. We will transfer all the measurements from the previous version once again to ensure that all the details of the marble sculpture are returned to the correct scale. During this step, mainly scissors, rasps and rifflers are used.

Finally, once the sculpture is finished, it is rubbed with oxalic acid to treat it and protect it from possible stains. In addition, oxalic acid provides a glossy, translucent finish that gives visual depth to the sculpture. And it’s done !

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