8 reasons to commemorate with a monument

1- Cremation is a method of preparing the body and does not replace a funeral service or an appropriate monument.
A person can choose to be cremated, but that does not mean that they do not wish to be honored and commemorated. The remains can still be buried in a family compound, in a family columbarium or in a community columbarium.

2-A monument is an eternal homage to a life well lived and worthy of being commemorated. It is a representation of this person and of the way in which he lived; it is a last gift. Monuments can be custom made and personalized to honor and represent that person in the way they and their family would have liked to be represented. Timeless monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Taj Mahal, the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, and the Great Pyramids have been erected to commemorate great leaders and unforgettable heroes. This is how we remember the people who have been important in our lives, from parents to presidents.

3-Monuments constitute a peaceful point of convergence where families can go and meet up with their loved one and their family.
Cemeteries are quiet places where one can feel comfortable visiting without judgment.

4-Monuments serve as permanent archives for future generations and genealogy.
People often walk through cemeteries to appreciate these works of art and history.
Psychologists say that remembrance practices, from funeral or memorial service to permanent remembrance, serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping them turn the page and allowing the healing process to begin.

5-Offering a permanent resting place to the deceased, whether it is a traditional burial or a cremation, is a worthy treatment of the mortal remains of a loved one, which responds to the natural desire for commemoration.

6-Monuments and commemoration have, in one way or another, been part of all societies, as far back as we go in time.

7-Granite is symbolic in the sense that it is eternal, just like the love shared by and towards the loved one.

8-Many people regretted having dispersed the ashes of their loved ones and not having commemorated them correctly.

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