Cleaning and maintenance of stone carving art

Maintenance of stone sculptures:

1. The collection of stone carvings should be protected from the sun, wind and dust; too much dust will damage the natural charm of the work, so it is best to put it in a glass cabinet, which is convenient for viewing and preservation, while stone carving works of art as outdoor decorations The dust on its surface should be treated regularly.

2. It can be maintained by sealing wax method, that is, apply a thin layer of wax after heating the printing stone and printing carving, and polish it with a soft cloth. For some stone sculptures that have been collected for a long time and have been “faded”, they can be washed with warm water, dried in the shade, heated with a hair dryer, waxed, and polished to make the works look new.

3. The stone sculptures should avoid corrosive liquids, avoid violent collisions, and maintain their long-lasting and beautiful appearance.

The cleanliness of sculptures:

The sculpture is mainly to clean up the dust, you can use a broom to sweep away the dust, and then wipe it clean with a rag. If the surface of the stone carving is stained, you can use a spatula to gently peel off the dirt; if there is related technology, you can also use some materials containing ionic surfactants to remove some common pollution on the stone. When cleaning, avoid using some corrosive detergents to clean the stone sculptures and avoid damaging the surface of the stone sculptures. Especially acid or alkaline detergents must be used with caution.

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