TIPS 15: Types of carvings on monuments and markers

Consider choosing a monument that can accommodate all of the potential names and dates of those that may be included on the lot. To prevent others from knowing how you want your names and dates engraved on the monument, it is a good idea to have your names and dates of birth (including the relationship between them; for example, “Monuments” ) engraved on the stone at the time of its placement on the lot, leaving only the dates of death blank. It is also very common for a woman to have her maiden name rather than her married name placed under her husband’s name for genealogical purposes.

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Choose the prints that best express your heritage for alasting memorial.

A traditional carving method that is the most frequently used and works great with any colored monument.
Any photo can be turned into a granite engraving.
There are many interesting scenes and designs to choose from.
Black and red granites recommended for better contrast.
The engravings are sanded deeper into the stone to create more dimension and texture. Especially good for intricate floral designs.
This is the reason why at justhigh our monuments have a 10 year guarantee.
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